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Compact, Portable, "Room-Size" Air Cleaners

Why Purify Indoor Air?

The average person breathes 3,400 gallons of air each day, according to the American Lung Association. Allergies affect 40 to 50 million Americans; asthma-related deaths doubled to over 5,400 per year in the past 10 years. Since the average person spends 90% of his or her time indoors, air quality is important for health and well-being. Yet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that the level of indoor air pollution is two to five, and on occasions 100 times greater, than outside air. Exposure to indoor air pollutants has also drastically increased as buildings became tighter and more energy efficient. As a result, the EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health.

Use of air filtration not only makes air clean and pure, but also enhances a person's energy, alertness, and comfort. At the same time, it helps individuals with respiratory ailments enhance their quality of life. Air purifiers also help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms.

With in-room air filtration fast becoming recognized as a legitamate tool for improving personal and public health, air purifiers are being used not only in the home, but also in the office, hospital, laboratory, restaurant, hotel and school.

To make the most of this useful technology, it is essential to do some basic research before purchasing a unit. Before purchase, an analysis of room size, the allergens and pollutants that may be present and any personal health concerns should be made. Doing a proper analysis will allow matching the need with the technology and save time and money in the long run.

Honeywell F112 and F113

Especially designed for rooms where high concentrations of particles are a problem, the two-stage F112A and the larger F113A both use a prefilter and a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter.

The smaller unit moves air at up to 150 CFM; the larger unit up to 300 CFM. Both feature 360 degree airflow, a process that ensures cleaner air is re-circulated throughout the room.

What about situations where particles and odors are a problem? We say, "no problem." These units capture both.

The three-stage F112C and F113C use a prefilter and a 99.97% efficient HEPA media air filter to capture particles, and an inner CPZTM filter to capture gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Superior Quality

Blueair is designed, engineered and built for people who expect the very best and don't want to compromise on health, design or function. The Blueair system housing is made of galvanized steel, rather than less durable plastic. The fan and blower are manufactured by EBM, a maker of telecom and medical equipment. Blueair systems offer an exceptionally long product life and carry a 10-year limited warranty.


Cleans Air Quietly

Sophisticated materials and precision engineering allow Blueair to clean indoor air without the noise associated with less advanced units. On the lowest setting, the units emit no more sound than a desktop computer. To achieve exceptionally quiet operation, Blueair¹s patented HEPASilentTM filter technology traps particles two ways: with mechanical and electrostatic filters. This combination creates a filter system through which air flows freely. Most air cleaners require a powerful, noisy fan to pull air through densely packed filters. Since air passes easily through Blueair filter media, the fan doesn't have to work as hard or as loud. Even the housing is designed with quiet operation in mind, replacing sound-sonant plastic with noise-muffling steel.

Energy Efficient

Low Energy Cost
Blueair's phenomenally low power usage means you can run the system 24/7 without a jump in electricity consumption. In fact, it costs about the same to clean the air in your home as it does to power a single lightbulb: only 15 watts on low to 95 watts on high.

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  • EN 1822 Certified and Tested
    The IQAir HealthPro is the first residential air cleaner to pass the world's most stringent HEPA filter test - EN 1822. Used in laboratories and hospitals. IQAir brings certified performance to your home or office. With IQAir's EN1822 certification, you can rely on your healthPro to hold back up to 100 times more allergens and more pollution particles than conventional HEPA air cleaners.

  • Certifcate of Performance
    Each IQAir HealthPro is individually tested and certified. Each unit comes with its own 2-page Certificate of Performance. It's your guarantee that each IQAir HealthPro gives you maximum performance.

  • Superior Air Delivery

  • - Most powerful fan in its class

    - Steel ball bearings for outstanding durability

  • Advanced Gas and Odor Removal
    The IQAir HealthPro Plus features the V5-Cell Filter (patent pending) - the most advanced gas and odor filter available in a residential room air purifier. It features five filtration chambers with a unique blend of activated carbon and impregnated active alumina.

  • Total User Control

    - Six Fan Speed Settings

    - Integrated Timer

  • - Remote Control

  • Ultra Quiet Design
    Sandwich design - Fan is positioned between noise absorbing filters.
    Dual wall design - Sound is absorbed in between double housing walls.
    B-shock absorbers - Vibration is reduced to a minimum.

  • Save Money on Filters
    Independent filter stages - Each filter type can be replaced individually. Only replace those filters which are used up.
    Intelligent filter life monitor - Display tells you when to replace which filter, based on actual usage and air quality conditions.
    Super efficient pre-filter - Allows HEPA filter to last up to 5 times longer.

  • Low Energy Consumption

    - Outstanding energy efficiency at all fan speeds

  • - Costs only pennies per day to run

  • No Air Drafts
    EvenFlowTM diffuser returns cleaned air to the room without causing air drafts that can make you ill.

  • Swiss Quality

    - Engineered and manufactured in Switzerland

    - Elegant and stylish

    - European Design

  • - 5-year warranty

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